Office Spaces

The premium downtown location of Grand Hotel du Boulevard, at the crossroads of Calea Victoriei and Bulevardul Elisabeta, offers important advantages such as easy access both by car and public transportation and walking distance to interest points and the historical centre of the city.

Grand Hotel du Boulevard, with its current skilled and careful restoration, sets its building a new spaces destination, throughout its entire transformation in office spaces. On all the 4 floors, there are multi-functional spaces, meeting rooms, and open-spaces offices.

The ground floor is rich in mural decoration, carefully restored, giving to the entire building distinction and personality.

Main entrance from Bulevardul Elisabeta displays a large white marble lobby, hosting reception and wardrobe, and opens to the main hall. Marble stairs with wrought iron handrails are the original decorations of the building.

In the opposite side of the stairs is the cafeteria, restored as the original space and decoration designed by Alexandru Orascu: three uneven bays, with free columns and stucco-marble pilasters, with joints covered in polychrome stucco decorations.

Same neoclassic elements can be found in the oval salon. Their restoration, based on stratigraphic analysis and cleaning probes, required high skilled operations.

The largest and the most spectacular space is the multifunctional hall. Initially the interior yard, it was covered in 1889 with a metallic structure designed by the architect Albert Galleron and became in 1905 the grand salon of the restaurant. Large glass ceiling and Venetian mirrors alternate with the stucco-marble arches. Gold foiled details and Bohemian crystal chandeliers, together with the restored marble, give an impressive image to the glooming of the grand salon.

Side spaces that once were commercial stores were consolidated and restored for the same destination, possible due to location with direct access to the main boulevards Bulevardul Elisabeta and Calea Victoriei. Current restoration is made considering the functional separation of these commercial areas, with different accesses for the clients and goods, from Calea Victoriei, for ground floor stores, and additional access for the supply and storage. Another secondary access is from Strada Beldiman, used only for restaurant personnel and supplies.